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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCPV technology?
HCPV stands for high concentrated photo voltaic system. This technology use optical lens to focus solar radiation into very small area of either 5mm x 5mm or 10mm x 10mm triple junction cells.
What is triple junction solar cell?
Triple junction solar cell has 3 semiconductors sandwiched on one top of another.
How germanium based triple junction solar cell is different from mono/poly crystalline silicon or amorphous silicon (thin film) cells?
Germanium triple junction solar cells convert energy of solar radiation into useful power from all the three spectrums ie. ultraviolet, visible, and infrared.
Silicon based solar cells can only convert visible spectrum of incident solar radiation into useful power.
Can we use HCPV modules similar to fixed mounting structure like mono/poly or thin film technologies?
No, HCPV modules work in the principle of concentrating solar radiation on to small area of the cells. Hence it requires dual axis sun tracker as a mounting structure.
Is HCPV technology suitable for both off-grid and grid connected solar power generators?
What is the typical efficiency of HCPV solar cells?
Since HCPV solar cells convert solar radiations into useful power from entire spectrum (ultraviolet, visible, infrared). Hence it can achieve cell efficiency in excess of 39%.
What is the advantage of 39% cell efficiency?
Higher cell efficiency reduce solar collector area ex: for 1kw HCPV requires 75% less area compared to thin film rooftop system and 50% less area compared to mono/poly silicon technology.
What is the advantage of dual axis sun tracking?
Dual axis sun tracker collect more sun energy per day compared to fixed system and hence increased energy yield.
What is the size of HCPV solar cells in comparison to silicon cells?
HCPV solar cells are usually 5.5mm x 5.5mm or 10mm x 10mm in size. Where as the silicon cells are of the order of 125mm x 125mm or 156mm x 156mm.
What is concentration ratio 750X in HCPV systems?
Area of the optical lens is 750 times more than area of the HCPV solar cells.