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HCPV Systems

Ground Systems

Planetapelativo HCPV solar arrays uses a 2-Axis accurate tracking system to capture even more the solar energy, providing peak power for up to 9 hours per day.

The high energy output from the system, and semiconductor savings, make the application of HCPV technology economically advantageous.

Planetapelativo is favorably positioned in the market by being vertically integrated from solar cell production through turnkey system installations.

We have a substantial ongoing business, and the corporate resources and commitment to competitively bring HCPV power to the market

Rooftop Systems

Planetapelativo delivers the most powerful, reliable and cost-effective solar solution for commercial rooftops with high-energy demands and limited space.

Critical peak-hour energy output stays strong with our dual-axis tracking System.

It gives you unsurpassed energy output, long-term reliability and the lowest cost of energy.